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  • “Repairing relationship injuries - Five Languages of Apology” - SACAP Festival of Learning- 2012
    Attachment Theory offers two key concepts: "rupture and repair", that are often the impasse that couples bring to the couple counselling setting. Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas's book: “The Five Languages of Apology" explore why saying "I'm sorry" is sometimes just not enough for couples to move towards "repair". This presentation is an introduction to attachment theory and the fundamental aspects of "apology" that help to heal not just couple but in fact ALL human relationships. The presentation will offer an opportunity to identify and understand your own inter-relational style and needs for "apology" and "repair".
  • “Echo and Narcissus - Hamlet and Ophelia: Working with Personality Disorders in Couple and Family Therapy.” - SACAP Festival of Learning- 2013
    This presentation will provide a lighthearted and easy introduction to the more complex concepts and theories that can be useful when working with both parent-child and couple personality dynamics in family therapy. The presentation will offer multiple lenses that may assist in understanding and treating Narcissitic and Borderline Personality interactional patterns in families. Key concepts from psychodynamic theorist Heinz Kohut, Emotionally Focussed Therapist Sue Johnson as well as Marcia Linehan's Dialectical Behaviour Therapy will be discussed together with the more traditional Family Systemic Theory. Metamorphoses, the work of Roman Poet Ovid and Shakespeare's Hamlet will provide the theatrical background to help bring psychological theory to life. - All co-dependents and narcissists welcome and anyone who has loved another or even themselves to death and still felt empty.
  • “Where have all the cowboys gone? - Including and Encouraging Fathers in their role as Co-Parent” - SACAP Festival of Learning- 2014
    This presentation will explore the changing role of Fathers and the concept of Fatherhood. Fatherhood is a research theme which has been somewhat neglected since the psychoanalytic primary focus was placed on the role of the Mother as object. Political parties in South Africa have identified the absent Father as a political campaign point with the strategy suggestion of withdrawing social grant support for those Fathers who abscond their role…. This presentation will explore the realities and challenges facing Fathers and society today as men struggle to meet the demands of their Fatherhood role. The paper will explore the devastating impact of the so-called “Absent Father” on their children and society as well as more constructive rather than punitive strategies to engage, encourage and support Fathers towards more active participation in their children’s lives.
Book Chapter

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Academic Journal Articles

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Establishing and running support groups for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS

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Mobilising Communities –Multidisciplinary Holistic Wellness Programme for a community struggling against HIV/AIDS (Bristol Myers Squibb sponsored project in Kayamandi) 

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