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Standard individual sessions are 50 minutes in duration and couple sessions, 90 minutes. The rate per session is set annually by the South African Council of Medical Schemes. A payment plan can be discussed at the first session. All sessions can be claimed back from your medical aid if you have medical aid savings or benefits that cover psychological services. Any payments not covered by your medical aid can also be included as medical expenditure on your tax return. Certain conditions qualify for cover under Prescribed Minimum Benefits set by your Medical Aid Scheme and if the initial assessment reveals that your needs are eligible, an application can be made to your medical aid. 

Individual Adult Psychotherapy

Carey enjoys working with adult clients from 16 years of age all the way through to individuals facing the autumn of their life in their late 70’s or 80’s.


Psychotherapy usually takes the form of a once a week 50-minute session. The duration of the therapy process will be decided, together with the client, after the first session.


It is a collaborative process founded in dialogue that assists individuals seeking healthier or more effective life habits, facing interpersonal or relationship difficulties with partners, families, friends or colleagues. Psychotherapy provides a confidential and

supportive space that allows you to talk openly with someone who is trained to provide an objective, neutral and nonjudgmental space to explore your personal history, challenges and growth.


Carey always endeavours to provide a compassionate and caring space for those feeling alone at a moment of crises, conflict or challenge.

Carey is trained in psychoanalytic, CBT and Mentalisation-based therapies and offers both short and long term therapy to clients depending on the client's need.

Couple / Family Mediation

Carey is a FAMAC accredited mediator and can assist couples or families struggling to resolve family conflicts.


Carey assists extended families encountering difficulties

planning and managing the support and care of elderly parents or family members needing guardianship. In addition, mediation can assist families facing conflicts related to addictive behaviours and rehabilitative treatment or conflicts and family breakdowns after the death of a family member. These can result in a conflict concerning the deceased estate.


Mediation can assist couples who need assistance to agree to or resolve parenting issues pre, during and post divorce. Mediation is an alternative and less acrimonious process that can assist families to reduce expensive legal fees and reduce conflictual issues in the best interests of the children.


Carey works together with experienced and respected attorneys who she can refer you to to finalise the collaborative agreement and /or parenting plan reached through mediation.

Couple / Family Therapy

Couple and family therapy aims to build and maintain strong healthy relationships.

Families and couples may have experienced traumas or crises in their relationships or may have set up destructive and conflictual patterns of bickering, arguing or verbally, emotionally or physically violent behaviour.


Carey provides a non-discriminatory space for couples of all sexual identities and orientations at any and all stages of their relationship: dating, engagement, marriage, separation, dissolution, loss and grief.


Carey works frequently with families after a family member has entered an addiction recovery programme to support both the recovering addict and family members to work through the damages, make amends and build a new way of relating one day at a time.


Couples facing distress or disconnect as they move through developmental life stages might also find a therapeutic space helpful to develop and enrich their relationship.


Sessions are usually scheduled weekly for a 90-minute duration. The duration and frequency of sessions will be decided collaboratively at the first session.

Online Psychotherapy

The ability to attend weekly sessions at a psychologist’s office, might be challenging due to the inability to take time away from work or whilst looking after small children or the elderly at home.


Online psychotherapy can offer an alternative for those who cannot afford transport or have difficulty travelling. They are also an option for those who live in rural areas or small towns where either no psychologist is available or confidentiality is limited as one knows the only psychologist in the area through one’s social context.


In addition, more and more South Africans living abroad would like to work with a psychologist who understands their South African identity and former life context.


On request, Carey can offer a 50-minute online session that can take place in the form of a scheduled video call via Skype/ WhatsApp call/ IMO/ FaceTime/ Zoom/ Googlechat/ WeChat.

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